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My strange,my weird,my abnormal self

type of narusaku-sasusaku-sasukarin-naruhina-sasunaru shippers

  • Type A :the confident type [ doesn't care what you say otp is canon- is never wrong ]
  • Type B :the analyzing type [ goes through every panel and provides long ass explanation of why its drawn like that , why it the character said that , what does it mean .what is really implied ]
  • Type C :the billboard [ has an answer to everything , sometimes provides false information and misinterprets given information - sassy as fuck and is slightly ignorant- doesn't listen , manga says this s/he says that . ]
  • Type D :the hesitant one [ supports here and there , most of the time need reassurance , disappears when the good don't happen , pops out of no where when moments happens ]
  • Type E :the basher [ disagrees with everything the opposite part puts on the table , doesn't care if this happened and that didn't , bashes the shit out the characters and denies it afterwards or even justifies thy actions ]
  • Type F :the fake shipper [ ships with the rest but s/he be like meh this aint gone happen , makes anti post now and again , shading other ships ]
  • Type G :the closet shipper [ ships to death but afraid of what other people might think of her/him ]
  • Type I :the realistic one [ will be the first to point out the bad traits of the ship before ranting about how the ship is canon . Doesn't matter what the manga states , stands by the ship dark or blue ]
  • Type J :the multi-shipper [ ships everyone with everyone , doesn't often state personal opinion about ships ]
  • Type K :the follower [ dick rides on other peoples posts and add his\her two cents. Here and there , fangirls over everything ]
  • Type L :the dramatic one [ always starts fights over nothing relevant , most likely picks on other peoples post and comment with irrelevant information and gets roasted and starts hating like a city cop ]
  • Type M :fantasy one [ lives , breathes for fan art and fanfics , doesn't care much about what happens in the story line . As long as otp is canon . Happy !!!! ]
  • Type N :troller [ starting arguments from no where and upsetting people with nonsense , occasionally trolls co-shippers . Usually is the first one to bitch about stuff... Stuff that is irrelevant to his/her ship - Cc screen grabs what other people say about thy otp and have his/her take ... No one can stop thy troller ]
  • Q:what kind of shipper are you ?

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